Who & Why


Amy and Alison:

We met in grad school at the University of Washington Museology program. Museology does not, contrary to the assumptions of people we met in bars, involve playing an instrument, but is instead the study of museums.

In addition to both being from the Midwest, we have a shared affinity for quotes that are catchy and short enough to fit on buttons. We have yet to actually make any buttons, but can visualize a world in which we wear them and people instantly understand our “special” brand of snarky humor.

Amy is currently in living in Seattle Minneapolis and Alison is in Madison San Antonio Seattle.


We are starting reviving this blog because we know in our hearts that we can save the world with it. That, or maybe just write about things we’re interested in at the moment, and we’ll see where this train takes us.





About Alison


One thought on “Who & Why

  1. Thank you for blogging about Lost Things, it was so sweet of you to do so, I stumbled on your blog. SO cute.
    All the best
    PS if you have time to look, we have a new ad out, it is for the amazon kindle, and is done in the same stop motion style, I’d be over the moon to get some feedback from you! We are new to the ad world, and want to hear what people (who’s taste we admire) think.

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