Taking a Moment.


It is nearly the summer solstice here in this northern city that I call home (again). The tilt of the earth feels just right tonight. Sometimes I think we were meant for certain places and times, months and days where our cells are healthier in our bodies and the air we breathe into our lungs is utilized to its full potential. Seattle, in June feels like that. I know I’ve found my place (again). Things are happening here, on a micro level that manifests itself within the bigger picture. Our lives are fuller here, even if they are momentarily spinning until we land in the right direction. It’s in the cards, it’s lining up. For now, I’m learning to be comfortable existing in the in-between time.

Tonight, I can finally catch a breath. We’ve been here seven weeks, the last of the boxes cleared out just today. He is asleep early, a well-deserved rest, and I watch the last dull light fade in the west, where the mountains are visible under clear skies. It’s been raining all day, but a good, satisfying rain that comes after days of abundant sunshine. Today, everyone is still happy in the rain. “I like this weather,” someone said to me today, and I do too, because it’s a contrast. It makes the stunning sunny days even more like paradise. Feeling the gentle spray on the street today was like slowly awakening from a dream.

I am in love here. With this place, with potential, with him. We know this unique slice of time won’t last. These days and their promise are all at once anxiety-producing and heavenly. “This was fantasy,” he said, “but now it’s reality.” Indeed, it is strange to accept this. For so long, things were much different. Before we dive into the next phase, of which we are teetering on the edge, we are taking a moment to appreciate our present.  We go to the beach often, where the temperature is miraculous. It’s so perfect, that while in its fold one does not even stop to ponder how it could be so. It just is. The sea, the sky, the air: it coexists and mixes here in ways not found elsewhere. Like sunny days after the rain, it’s appreciated.