I made you a mixtape

Just some songs for my mood lately…I’m moving, I started a second job, and relationships in my life are shuffling and shifting.

In other words, change is in the air, and these songs alternately make me nostalgic and hopeful.

1. The Sundays-My Finest Hour

Her voice takes me back to the early ’90s, and my English girlhood running along the North Sea. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. But this song makes me forget that.

2. Andrew Bird- Masterswarm

He is such an amazing musician and his lyrics are bonkers, in a good way.

3. Couer de Pirate- Comme des Enfants

Everything sounds a little sweeter sung in French.

4. Belle & Sebastian- There’s Too Much Love

Probs my fave B & S song.

5. The Decemberists- On the Bus Mall

Gorgeous. I love the way they create an atmosphere you get to live in while you listen to their music. Yesterday my co-worker and I were wondering how many past lives- especially those on the battlefield- Colin Meloy must have lived.

6. Camera Obscura- Suspended From Class

7. Interpol- Specialist

Sort of creepy and sexy at the same time.

8. Flight of the Conchords- Carol Brown

FOTC takes me to my happy place.

9. Morrissey- Everyday is Like Sunday

Yeah, he can be a downer, but sometimes you just need some good sadboy or sadgirl music.

10. Nirvana- Dumb

11. The Morning Benders- When We’re Apart

12. The Magnetic Fields- Strange Powers

On a Ferris wheel, looking out on Coney Island, under more stars than there are prostitutes in Thailand/Our hair in the air, our lips blue from cotton candy/When we kiss it feels like a flying saucer landing/And I can’t sleep, cause you got strange powers.

Were lovelier lyrics ever written? Even with the bit about prostitutes?

Oh, and this isn’t a song, but let’s add it to the mixtape anyway. Listen to it at the same time as music, or just as background noise. I love the sound of spring rain.

(First photo is from a trip to Chicago last year. Today brings a little taste of beach weather. Second photo is from Eole’s photostream.)