Part Shins + part Gnarls Barkley = delicious ear candy

Spring seems slow this year, but it’s coming. Tiny tulip heads are proudly popping up in the barely un-thawed* ground. Dogs are muddy. And finally, the only remnants of December’s several feet of snow are the disgusting black lumps that dot parking lots and curbs. March is dirty here in Madison. But along with the new season, I need some new music. One album I can’t get enough of right now: Broken Bells, which is comprised of James Mercer of The Shins and Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley. Sound like a weird combination? It is- in a good way, and sounds just like what you’d expect it to: The Shins with a bit more edge- electronic and otherwise. I just love the atmosphere it conjures up…it’s perfect for spring, with interesting melodies, danceable beats, and a bit of Animal Collective-esque weirdness but more accessible. Check it out; it’s streaming on NPR, and I already bought a copy on iTunes.

*Thawed. The beacon of truth that is attempts to shed light on that age-old conundrum, one nearly as perplexing as the chicken and egg thing. Best answer? “They don’t mean the same thing. It is similar to saying “nucular” when you mean nuclear. Some folks’r jist igorent.” Guilty as charged.


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