Murals, Mormonia, and More

Here’s some links for the February doldrums… At least the Olympics are providing me with my quadrennial fix for short track speed skating.

Vans in California. Weirdly beautiful.

Econoline with Primer and Tarp, Santa Monica, CA, Winter 2007, by Joe Stevens

Frightened Rabbit has a new album out, The Winter of Mixed Drinks. As my friends know, Scottish accents are a weakness of mine, but FR also has a great rock sound…The Killers meets Arcade Fire meets…Sean Connery?

Scientific Facebook data about who people are connected with across the U.S. I kind of love it for introducing the term “Mormonia.”

This is a great post about the use of the iconic drum beat from “Be My Baby.” I had no idea so many songs had sampled it.

Philadelphia has never been super-high on my list of cities to visit, but these murals are pretty awesome. I wish more cities would make long, boring commutes a little brighter with public art.

5651 Market Street, Philadelphia, part of "Love Letter" project by Stephen Powers

Yeah, this song is just slightly longer than what I thought was the longest song ever, “American Pie.”

Definitely on board with simplifying.


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