One of my favorite colors is Pantone’s color of the year for 2010 – Turquoise.  For me, it’s one of those colors that immediately draws my eye, and my computer is littered with files of photos featuring turquoise interiors, turquoise vistas and turquoise clothing. Turquoise is one half of some of my favorite color pairings – brown and turquoise, red and turquoise, orange and turquoise. Here is a sample of my favorite items from some of my favorite stores in various shades of turquoise (and aqua and teal, but let’s not get into that discussion).

(Here is a much better round-up from the always impeccable blog, if it’s hip, it’s here).

Aquamarine hand blown vase from corporanglass on Etsy.

Twinkle print from irenesuchocki on Etsy. (I want this print more than anything).

Salong vase in turquoise from Ikea.

Zinnia knob from Anthropologie. (I want about 10 of these to punch up my dark brown dresser).

Out of Africa bag from ModCloth.

Baggu shopping bags from Reusable Bags.

Ocean Love Potion nail polish from Sephora.


2 thoughts on “Turquoise

  1. Turquoise makes me happy! And it reminds me of warmth, even though it’s in the cool-color family, probably since turquoise interiors are used in a lot of tropical climates.

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