Things i like, as of late.

BookBonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan

French teenage decadence at its finest.

Music: Grizzly Bear.

Ever since Veckatimest came out 6 months, I can’t stop listening. And Yellow House (2006) is just as good.

Clothing: Guess what? I like sweatpants. I don’t wear them out of the house (anymore), but if I’m home, I am probably wearing these, the most amazingly comfortable and durable sweatpants ever.

Rock: Wait, what? Favorite rock? Yeah, bear with me. Quartzite projectile points.  So, lately at work I have been inventorying lots and lots of archaeological objects. I think it might be making me even crazier. After countless ceramic shards, the quartzite really stands out. And I think one of these would make a pretty badass necklace (as a reproduction, naturally…)


Madison Bar: I’m picking two.

Vintage for happy hour.  Genna’s for late-night.

There are sweet happy hour specials here on Wisconsin tap beers.

TV Show: First off, Mad Men will be gone for NINE MONTHS. Don Draper, why have you forsaken me? But all that drama means it’s time for more fun shows. A new one I’ve enjoyed lately is Parks and Recreation.

This is a new show that got off to kind of a rocky start, but lately it’s been consistently hilarious. While it’s nowhere near 30 Rock in terms of brilliance (an admittedly high bar), it’s been surpassing The Office lately, which is starting to grow a little stale. (And yes, the documentary-style camera work is directly based on that of The Office. I don’t care if they ripped it off, it’s the same network with a lot of the same people involved on it anyway.) The best part of the show is Amy Poehler. I kind of think she could be a comedy genius. Or savant, based on the characters she plays.

Random Category: (What, “rock” wasn’t random enough for me?) I have a favorite scent. I wish it was a perfume, shower gel, shampoo and essential oil. I wish State Street smelled like this, instead of patchouli, garbage, and last night’s beer. It’s a candle from Anthropologie and I need a new one.


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