Some recommended viewing.

These days, a similar thought bubble has been appearing over my head quite often. Sometimes it’s because of something I happen to see. Sometimes it’s because of something I think, or wonder about. Self-editing, however, is crucial, so you will not find these types of things here.

Also, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to plug Clark & Michael (pictured above), which is most likely the best internet TV show…ever. (And no, I am not qualified to make such a statement.) But really, how can you go wrong with Michael Cera playing a character who is basically George-Michael Bluth with an anger-management problem? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I highly recommend watching all three seasons of the greatest television show of all time. Really. Or just borrow it from a friend, because I guarantee that if you’re in the 18-35 demographic, at least one of your friends owns this series.

If you’ve never seen Arrested Development, you’re probably sick of people telling you to watch it, so it’s the last time I’ll ever plug this show online again. (But we just want to make your life better, and more fulfilling. So much more fulfilling. )


2 thoughts on “Some recommended viewing.

  1. It’s probably really uncool to leave praising comments on my co-writer’s posts, but I laughed so many times reading this. Also – I have watched the first episode of AD and couldn’t stand it. I don’t like watching people make asses of themselves. Do you still recommend it? Netflix says it’s 4.1 stars. Can both you and Netflix be wrong?

    • Hehe, glad you liked it. :) And…no, I don’t think Netflix & I can be wrong! But I’m sure Arrested Development isn’t for everyone. I do think each episode gets better on repeated viewings because it’s so multi-layered. (But it’s fine, you don’t have to like it, haha.) You like 30 Rock, though, right? I think in a way it’s similar to AD because of its sometimes “hidden” jokes and intelligent writing, just with workplace dysfunction instead of family dysfunction (although AD has both…) 30 Rock is a VERY close second for me, I love that show.

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