Snapshot Blogs

I’m a blog addict. I am always looking for a new fix, a fresh blog to provide the new witty premise that satisfies that craving for daily entertainment. The best of all are photo blogs, especially those that feature candid or snapshot photos. My newest discovery is My Parents Were Awesome, a blog that posts submissions from strangers who send in – you got it – old photos of their parents.

Some of the photos are merely great old pictures of couples smiling, but many of them have that special quality of humor that reminds you just how weird and embarrassing parents can be. Parents in costumes, parents playing the accordion, parents with bad retro hair.

My Parents Were Awesome

Tumblr is a great platform for photo posts. Another favorite blog that uses Tumblr is Must Share Hair. People submit photos of themselves sporting incredible hair. Sometimes they’re entertaining because of funky styling, sometimes crazy bedhead, sometimes it’s just great (pretty) hair, but always fantastic.

Must Share Hair

The posting frequency seems to be down lately, maybe they need more submissions?

Oh man, I almost forgot another favorite, Jumping in Art Museums. People submit photos of themselves and friends jumping in front of art. Jumping for joy. For the amazingness that is art, and for the love of art museums. One idea I really wish I’d had. Love.

Jumping in Art Museums


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